2024 EU Overshoot Day: Appeal to EU leaders to prioritise a fair and inclusive green transition in the next political mandate

by | May 3, 2024 | Letters, Publications

Today marks the EU’s overshoot day. If the rest of the world consumed resources at the same rate as the EU, we would run out of all the natural resources the planet can provide for the entire year by May 3rd. 

On this significant day, RREUSE and 317 civil society organisations have united their voices in an open letter to the Heads of State and Governments, as well as the Presidents of the EU Commission, Council, and Parliament, and Members of the EU Parliament urging them to act to unlock the societal and industrial benefits of a well-executed green and fair transition:


  • Deepening and accelerating the Green Deal, by fully implementing recently agreed goals and addressing ambition gaps on nature, climate as well as pollution;
  • Radically increasing public climate, environment and social investments;
  • Strengthening EU governance, democracy and the effective participation of civil society.