RREUSE is an international network representing social enterprises active in re-use, repair and recycling.

Since 2001, RREUSE supports and champions the development of social enterprises active in the circular economy through innovative policies, partnerships and best practices.

RREUSE members generate invaluable social, economic and environmental impacts for their communities. Specialising in re-use, repair and recycling, they provide local and inclusive employment as well as a strong sense of belonging for the most vulnerable in our societies.

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Circular Economy

Re-using, repairing, recycling, refurbishing, repurposing, …


Social Inclusion

Leaving no-one behind



Inspiring new connections and triggering new ideas


Adapting to crises and withstanding adversity


Developing and maintaining strong partnerships

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Back to school? Save money and the environment through second-hand!

Back to school? Save money and the environment through second-hand!

Whilst children require certain products to go to class and learn, many of these goods have a limited lifespan, often being used for one single year before ending up in landfill. But this is not the only pitfall of the back-to-school period: school supplies are...

RREUSE Activity Report 2020

RREUSE Activity Report 2020

Building on resilience, innovation and circularity amidst global pandemic 2020 was a relentless year, marked by global fear, uncertainty and instability. For social enterprises active in circular services, COVID-19 severely disrupted existing activities, placing...