About us

RREUSE is an international network representing social enterprises active in the circular economy, that generate invaluable social, economic and environmental impacts for their communities. Specialising in the field of re-use, repair and recycling, they provide local and inclusive employment as well as a strong sense of belonging for the most vulnerable in our societies.

RREUSE exists to support the development of social enterprise in the circular economy through innovative policies and partnerships and exchange of best practices.

Approximately 105,000 employees, trainees and volunteers are engaged in the activities of its 28 members across 30 European countries and the USA.

Our members employ people at risk of socio-economic exclusion and help bring them back into the labour market. In addition, they bring products back to the market at affordable prices providing essential household items to low income groups. Working with 22 different material streams, their sector of activity is wide-ranging from textiles, furniture and electronics to food distribution and composting.

The main activities of our members include:

  • Advocacy at local, regional and national levels and sharing of best circular practices
  • Awareness raising campaigns, local and international projects and business support
  • Collection, sorting and redistribution of used textiles and clothing
  • Collection, repair and re-use of electronics, furniture and bulky items
  • Re-use of other household items such as bric-a-brac, books, toys and paint
  • Operating second-hand retail outlets
  • Collection and recycling of paper, cardboard, wood, plastics and metals
  • Home, community and cooperative composting
  • Food distribution services and management of food banks