Board Members Re-elected and New Member Welcomed: Highlights from our latest General Assembly

by | May 16, 2024 | News

After a successful term for the RREUSE Board, all incumbent Board members were re-elected, and two new Board members were elected during our General Assembly held on 19 April 2024.

This significant event underscores the Network’s collective trust in the Board’s capabilities and expertise. Their steadfast commitment to upholding RREUSE’s values and mission has been commendable. Their contributions have played a significant role in advancing our vision of a circular economy based on reuse and repair in solidarity with people and the environment.


Matthias Neitsch, Managing Director of Re-Use Austria, has been re-elected as President of RREUSE with unanimous support after an outstanding term. His vision for the future includes a continued focus on supporting European social enterprises, leading the way in fostering an inclusive and innovative circular economy, and creating opportunities for vulnerable individuals.

Antigone Dalamaga, Director of the Ecological Recycling Society in Greece, was re-elected as Vice-President and Honorary President, continuing her invaluable expertise to RREUSE for the new term. 

Carmer Aja Ruiz, the Technical Director of AERESS, has been re-elected as Vice-President. Also continuing their contributions to the Board’s activities are Giorgio Rosso from Rete 14 Luglio as the Secretary and Ivan Božić, the Cooperative Manager of Humana Nova, as the Treasurer.

The Board also includes nine additional members, including newly elected Eva Verraes, Director of HERW!N and Eve Poulteau, Chief Executive of Emmaüs Europe. Their extensive social enterprise experience and understanding of issues pertinent to RREUSE’s mission will help the Network navigate future challenges and ensuring even greater success in the upcoming term.

In addition to the board elections, our General Assembly also warmly welcomed Cluster ESS, a cross-border cluster operating between Belgium, Luxembourg, France, and Germany. Based in Luxembourg, it is dedicated to develop an economy that serves people and the planet.