Buying Social and Circular for the Paris Olympics Games

by | Jul 2, 2024 | News

As colossal international events, every Olympic Games requires major public investments to update infrastructure, accommodate athletes and host millions of spectators from all over the World. The 2024 Paris Games made special efforts to ensure its organisers procured goods and services from social enterprises and promoted reusing existing goods and materials. 

This was made possible thanks to a conscious effort of public procurers (SOLIDEO), social economy enterprises (like Halage), and intermediary actors (like Les Canaux via the ESS2024 platform) which created solid bridges across expertise fields to promote inclusive job opportunities and minimise the Olympics’ carbon footprint.

Paris 2024 / Florian Hulleu

RREUSE featured these organisations’ inspiring work in its new public procurement research report

As the 2024 Paris Olympic Games approaches, we wrote a piece for the new EU Social Economy Gateway website about this insightful public procurement case study involving the work of social economy enterprises in France. Together with SOLIDEO and Les Canaux’s representatives, we go through the main elements and achieved impact in the article below.