Discussion and book signing with Sepp Eisenriegler: How consumerism fools us and how to fight back

19th January 2017 | Events

Librebook│Chaussée de Wavre 128│Brussels

On 18 January RREUSE organised a discussion with Sepp Eisenriegler, a passionate fighter against the throwaway culture and the founder of the Repair and Service Centre Vienna (R.U.S.Z), a social enterprise. RREUSE was delighted to welcome him in Brussels where he presented his book “Konsumtrottel” published in Austria last year*. In “Konsumtrottel” he describes the strategies behind the manufacturing of short-lived products and making repair and re-use impossible.

At the centre of discussion was a washing machine, a product from everyday life, considered by some as “the greatest invention of the mankind”. However, low quality washing machines which are not built for repair and need to be replaced more often result in a significant cost to the consumer and the environment. Products that break easily together with false needs created by marketing make us consume more and more.

Is this economic model becoming obsolete and how to put durability and reparability back on our “shopping list”? Having more than 20 years of practical experience with repair, Sepp shared his views and knowledge in the unique European bookshop Librebook. Librebook’s interior was created from 90% of re-used materials and embodies the idea of keeping the value of our products and materials.

* ”Konsumtrottel” is currently only available in German but the event will be in English.