EPR Club: How to support re-use and preparing for re-use through EPR

5th September 2016 | Events, News

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is being promoted as a key market-based instrument to help implement EU waste legislation, including full application of the waste hierarchy. However, aside from a handful of cases, EPR has seldom been used as a tool to promote reuse and preparing for reuse activities.

With the EU Commission’s proposed rules for implementing EPR schemes currently being extensively discussed by the European Parliament and Council, this EPR Club lunch debate will focus on specific measures and current good practices that can help extend product lifetimes, develop reuse networks and create local jobs.

The discussion will be centred around interventions from representatives of social enterprises, local authorities, EPR schemes and manufacturers. Particular focus will be on electronic appliances, textiles and furniture.

This is an EPR Club event only open for EPR Club, ACR+ members and the European Institutions. Please register to this event by sending an email to info@eprclub.eu, including your full name, organisation, function, and the event name.

For more information please contact Bilyana Spasova (bs@acrplus.org).