EU Textile Strategy: civil society’s demands to MEPs

by | Jan 12, 2023 | Publications

In the context of the consideration of the European Parliament’s draft report on the EU Strategy for sustainable and circular textiles, RREUSE, together with 6 civil society organisations recalls the necessary actions to make the textiles strategy an effective tool to shift the sector towards circularity as well as environmental and social sustainability.

Therefore, this joint paper is calling on the European Parliament to take action and include the following recommendations in the report:

  1. Developing ambitious and holistic eco-design requirements
  2. Tackling global overproduction
  3. Ensuring a Just Transition
  4. Ensuring fairer purchasing practices
  5. Enabling the transparency of supply chains
  6. Implementing due diligence accountability
  7. Taking action on ultra-fast fashion
  8. Putting green and social washing to an end
  9. Implementing EU trade policy that rewards sustainability
  10. Maximising local re-use of textiles
  11. Phasing out hazardous chemicals in textiles
  12. Ensuring sustainable textile production in Europe