Green Friday is back for its 5th edition!

25th November 2021 | News

While many people still perceive Black Friday as an opportunity, the Green Friday Collective is back this year – more motivated than ever – with the firm intention of debunking the myth: NO, Black Friday is not a good deal.

Black Friday is the commercial tradition imported from the United States, which encourages retailers to offer low prices during the last Friday of November. This day is now the most ‘popular’ shopping days in the world, acting as a symbol of (over)consumerism.

To denounce and react to this global trend, the Green Friday movement was launched by the ENVIE network in 2017, then joined by Altermundi, Dream Act and REFER in 2018, now acting as the Collective.

Acting as a social and sustainable alternative to Black Friday and its misleading incentive promotions, the Collective prepared a campaign providing citizens with local, ethical and eco-friendly solutions, hoping to induce a positive change in mentalities and behaviours.

Determined, the Collective also intends to raise awareness on abusive practices put forth by brands operating online, helping citizens distinguish between truly virtuous initiatives and greenwashing.

Kelly Piron, Communication and Advocacy Officer at RREUSE insisted, “We are proud to join the Green Friday Collective, alongside our members ENVIE and RESSOURCES, for the second year in a row. As Europe navigates the green and social transitions, it is essential to raise awareness on the power of local, circular and fair alternativesSocial enterprises provide much more affordable, reliable and long-term solutions all year round than any Black Friday ‘deal’ ever couldSupport for social economy actors working in circular activities not only helps the planet and your pocket, it also helps support inclusive and fair employment opportunities for people who have been distanced from the labour market.”