Letter to the EU: We must increase Critical Raw Material circularity!

by | Sep 20, 2023 | Letters, Publications

RREUSE contributed to the drafting of an open letter by the Right to Repair Coalition that highlights the importance of including ambitious circularity provisions within the Critical Raw Material Act. This call to action comes at the start of the inter-institutional negotiations on this piece of legislation.

The Right to Repair coalition represents the collective voice of 100 organisations from 21 countries. We jointly call for the upcoming trilogues to focus on enhancing the re-use and repair of products containing Critical Raw Materials (CRMs) by:


  • Ensuring that the collection of waste streams rich in CRMs is carried out in accordance with the waste hierarchy, directing reusable products into the appropriate preparation for re-use systems to prevent the premature recycling of re-usable items.
  • Promoting the uptake of prevention, repair and refurbishment practices
  • Promoting the refurbishment of ICT products in public procurement tenders
  • Ensuring that independent refurbishers and repairers access to relevant information on the location and chemical composition of permanent magnets found in many household appliances and IT products.