New tool shows CO2 emissions saved through re-use

21st November 2016 | News

How big an impact does it make if you keep a product in use rather than throwing it away? A new online calculator available in English and developed by the Spanish re-use network of social enterprises Aeress helps answer this question.

The English version of the calculator was launched to coincide with this year’s Re-use More Throw Less campaign, an action we organise within the European Week for Waste Reduction. Over the week from 21 until 25 November, re-use centres in four European countries weigh all donated goods collected and sold in their shops. At the end of each day we’re adding these together to show what impact we have had on waste reduction.  By communicating how much we have saved from ending up as waste, we want to involve both the re-use shop visitors, employees and a wide audience to show that by donating things and buying second hand we can not only save resources but also help to create local employment and support the local economy.

Click here to calculate the CO2 you can save by re-using!

Results of the 2016 Reuse More Throw Less Campaign (1 December):