QualiProSH Electro – Invitation to the Expert Meeting

8th July 2016 | News

15.07.2016 – Rendsburg

The Erasmus+-Projekt „QualiProSH Electro“

The ERASMUS+ project „QualiProSH Electro“, which is carried out by six partner institutions from five European countries (Germany, Austria, Finland, Slovenia and Bulgaria) focuses on the (further-) development, testing and sustainable implementation of an EU-wide uniform and quality standard based qualification concept „specialist for used electrical appliance“ and additional vocational education and training products. It is meant for the steadily increasing business field “ReUse of used electrical appliance” in the European Second-Hand sector.

In two previous, EU funded Leonardo da Vinci projects (QualiProSecondHand and QualiProSH II) an European qualification profile and additional vocational education and trainig products for the Second-Hand sector have been already established under the leadership of the Institute Technology and Education of the University of Bremen in person of Heike Arold. The results are the basis of the ERASMUS+ project „QualiProSH Electro“.

The target group of such a further education is on the labor market disadvantaged such as long-term unemployed, unskilled workers and youth. The qualification concept can be also used in the field of immigration to force the integration into the labor market.

Background and Aim

The latest regulative development on the EU-level concerning „Circular Economy“ makes an increasing demand of premium-qualitative, conditioned electrical appliance possible. So there will be a growth of the Second-Hand business field “used electrical appliance”. It already now offers a lot of jobs and an employment perspective for on the labor market disadvantaged. With the products, developed by “QualiProSH Electro”, the professionalization of the sector shall be forced, new possibilities of employment shall be created, the labor market mobility shall be improved as well as an European wide comparability of the competencies shall be created.

What is the Multiplier Event (Expert Meeting) for?

The Multiplier Event is used to present the results of our project. We want to discuss with different experts the sustainable implementation into the vocational education and training systems. Furthermore the basis for a sustainable use of the overall qualification shall be prepared at least by VET institutions or training centers and social integration enterprises.

Please find here the programme and more information about this meeting.