Re-use centres around Europe manifest their impact in just one week

29th November 2018 | News

Between 17 – 24 November 2018, 38 re-use centres in Croatia, Italy, Netherlands and Spain took part in RREUSE’s annual ‘Re-use More Throw Less’ campaign in order to communicate the environmental impact of our consumption and the potential of re-use and repair for waste prevention.

Every day each re-use centre weighed items collected and items sold for re-use in their second-hand shops. Adding together these weights represented saved natural resources: by avoiding products ending up as waste, raw material and energy are preserved.

The campaign also highlighted the often hidden social impact of re-use and repair activities carried out by social enterprises, providing job and training opportunities for people at risk of social exclusion. Some of the employees of re-use centres shared their stories about how the opportunity to work made a difference in their lives. View the gallery below.

Even though the campaign is over, you can still measure how much CO2 you save by re-using or buying second hand every day thanks to the CO2 Calculator made by AERESS. Just enter the number of selected items and press calculate!

Who participated this year?

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and #ReuseMoreThrowLess! The campaign is a part of the European Week for Waste Reduction.


6 Days and 38 re-use centres. What are the results?





Picture credits: Title picture – Kringkoop; Stories – Humana Nova, Cooperativa Sociale Insieme