Research study on developing re-use networks in Europe

by | Jun 2, 2022 | Publications

RREUSE is delighted to announce the publication of the “Research study on developing re-use networks in Europe”, which aims to analyse networks of social economy re-use operators in Europe. RREUSE was selected by Kierrätyskeskus to conduct the study and draft the report in the framework of CIRCWASTE, a seven-year LIFE project aiming to promote the circular economy in Finland.

The report examines in detail the main tasks, the governance structures and funding possibilities, the policy and operating environment, and the best practices of re-use networks in Europe. However, in addition to providing a descriptive overview, this study also conducted a comprehensive analysis of the main strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities that re-use networks face. On the basis of the information obtained, a final list of recommendations is given.

Re-use networks are vital actors in supporting the implementation of the waste hierarchy and, therefore, the transition to a circular economy. Networks champion the re-use sector by promoting knowledge sharing, publicly representing members at multiple levels, strengthening members’ capacity, and, more generally, encouraging collaboration.

The research is based on an extensive survey, semi-structured interviews, and desk research. A total of nine different re-use networks have provided information throughout the study – and RREUSE has also provided its own insight based on two decades of experience.

RREUSE believes that this report will be helpful for any initiatives aiming to establish re-use networks, but also for existing re-use networks, which can get insight into different possibilities to manage and steer the network. Finally, RREUSE would like to thank everyone who has contributed in various ways to this report: Matthias Neitsch, Matt Lewis, Mary Fleming, Thomas Ahlmann, Tanguy Ewbank, Joren Verschaeve, Martin Bobel, Leonie Reinders, and Eimear Montague.