RREUSE comments on the effectiveness of the ESF in promoting social inclusion

17th December 2019 | Publications

RREUSE responded to a recent call for the evaluation of the effectiveness of the ESF  in promoting social inclusion, combatting poverty and discrimination (over the period 2015- 2018). A call was put out for members to respond before the closing date of the 19.12.19.

The next public consultation on the evaluation of the support to education by the ESF can be found here. RREUSE members may have particular experience promoting lifelong learning, supporting vocational training and identifying qualifications for circular skills. All contributions are welcome. Please contact el***********@rr****.org for further information before the 14 February (consultation ends 24 February 2020).

Download the RREUSE comments for the consultation here (PDF)

Picture credit  © Aleksandar Spasojevic, Pexels