RREUSE comments on the European Semester

19th September 2019 | Position Papers

The European Semester provides a structure to coordinate the economic policies of the European Union. In this framework, EU countries discuss their economic and budgetary plans, while monitoring their progress throughout the year. The European Semester consists of an initial policy guidance phase, secondary to a country specific phase, followed by an implementation phase and finally a preparatory phase which consists of both analysis and fulfilment.
RREUSE comments on the European Semester offers analysis and best practices that may serve as an overview of the 2019 European Semester process taking into account the voice of civil society and the environment in this important multi-annual exchange.

Given the diversity and success of social economy enterprises with activities in re-use, repair and recycling in providing opportunities for work integration and social inclusion for people who are at risk of socio-economic exclusion, RREUSE examines the 2019 NRPs. Whilst evaluating the NRPs,RREUSE looks closely at the responses of the country specific recommendations, by what means did circular economy and social economy feature in the ‘blueprints’ for the upcoming year.  

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Picture credit © Elaine Hanlon