RREUSE joins the Social Good Accelerator network

2nd December 2022 | News

RREUSE is pleased to announce its membership to the Social Good Accelerator (SOGA). SOGA is a network bringing together different organisations across Europe aiming to ensure „more social good in tech, more tech in social good“. In other words, SOGA has the objective of developing the European digital model in a sustainable, solidarity, and accessible way while promoting social tech solutions and accelerating the digital transition of social enterprises.

In this regard, the network has launched a number of initiatives including the Social Tech Atlas (an open database of social enterprises that offer tech solutions or other services that support the digitalization of social enterprises), the Social Tech Academy (a platform to provide training for trainers, enabling social enterprises to acquire new digital skills), and the Social Good week (a high-level event to promote the role of social economy in the digital transition).

Due to the unprecedented shift to digital technologies in daily life, many social enterprises active in the circular economy are striving to bridge the digital divide by providing low-cost or free second-hand ICT products and provide basic digital skills training. RREUSE members have also developed innovative social tech solutions such as e-commerce platforms, traceability and reporting software, or ICT warehousing systems. Therefore, RREUSE’s participation in SOGA will be an opportunity to communicate social enterprises’ importance in bridging the digital divide, promote social tech innovations, and advocate for a stronger policy framework supporting a circular, accessible and solidarity digital model.