RREUSE joins WEAll!

28th April 2023 | News

RREUSE is excited to announce its membership to WEAll!

The Wellbeing Economy Alliance (WEAll) is the leading collaboration of organisations, alliances, movements and individuals working towards a Wellbeing Economy, delivering human and ecological wellbeing.

WEAll was born in 2018 as a time-bound project to catalyse a transition towards a Wellbeing Economy by promoting radical connection and collaboration between different actors of the new economy ecosystem, in order to achieve impact larger than the sum of individual parts. 

WEAll envisions a world where everyone has enough to live in comfort, safety, and happiness. Where all people feel secure in their basic comforts and can use their creative energies to support the flourishing of all life on this planet. Where everyone thrives in a restored, safe, and vibrant natural environment because they have learned to give back as much as they are given. A world where people have a voice over their collective destiny and find belonging, meaning and purpose through genuine connection to the people and planet that sustain them.

RREUSE is excited to be part of this community and to continue to work towards a socially conscious and inclusive circular economy. We can’t wait to participate in the incredible knowledge and impact that WEAll generates.

Learn more about the Wellbeing Economy Alliance here!