RREUSE’s feedback on the 2040 EU Climate Target

by | Jun 27, 2023 | Publications



With the opportunity to provide feedback on this consultation, RREUSE supports the establishment of an intermediate climate target for 2040 under EU law, highlighting the role of the circular economy in achieving climate goals while guaranteeing a just transition for all and creating economic opportunities.

Presently, EU circular economy policies predominantly prioritize recycling, overlooking the potential of waste prevention and re-use activities. As such, RREUSE strongly advocates for the integration of circular economy principles and waste hierarchy considerations into future climate targets and policy measures.

By embracing a circular economy, the EU can not only advance its climate agenda but also foster social and economic well-being, ultimately forging a more sustainable future. Social enterprises, in particular, are already showcasing how these synergies can be unlocked through their daily work, underscoring their vital role in this transformative journey.