RREUSE’s Feedback on the Call for evidence: Framework Conditions Social Economy

by | Oct 6, 2022 | Publications

RREUSE welcomes the initiative and calls on the Commission to ensure the Council Recommendation sends a clear message to Member States to promote a better national framework in support of the actors of the social economy, including social enterprises active in reuse, repairing, and recycling waste management activities. RREUSE highlights that, taking into consideration the different contexts of activities associated with reuse, its members can create on average 70 jobs for 1,000 tonnes of goods collected with a view of being reused, rising to 140 per 1,000 tonnes depending on the nature of the product [1].

Additionally, as of 2019, the social enterprises under the RREUSE network extended the lifespan of 214.500 tonnes of products, compensating for the average CO2 emissions of approximately 107.107 EU citizens.


[1]: Briefing – Job Creation in the re-use sector. Available here