Urgent call to improve WEEE treatment, collection, logistics and preparation for re-use in Europe

26th February 2021 | Position Papers, Publications

This joint position co-signed by 12 environmental NGOs and representatives of waste treatment operators calls for setting new European legal requirements to improve collection, logistics and preparation for re-use of e-waste and electronic equipment (WEEE).

A revision of the legal requirements on these processes is urgently needed to avoid emissions that harm the environment and human health while enhancing waste prevention and material cycles.

To reach this, the WEEE Directive must be completed by an EU Implementing Act laying down ambitious minimum quality standards as soon as possible.

For this purpose, we put forward five recommendations:

  1. Integrate provisions from WEEE standards on treatment, collection and logistics in such a way that their coherence and improvements are considered
  2. Promote ‘preparing for re-use’
  3. Give free access to complete information on relevant standards
  4. Ensure effective enforcement and compliance
  5. Implement recurring reviews

Click here to view the full position paper (PDF)