Joint Statement: Call for specific support measures for inclusive and integrated forms of employment during the Coronavirus crisis

27th March 2020 | Publications

A united call made by ENSIE, RREUSE, Social Firms Europe – CEFEC and CEC.

For the attention of the Presidents and representatives of the EU institutions, the Members of the European Parliament and the attention of Government Representatives

The Coronavirus Pandemic is affecting all of us right now, those closely impacted by the Coronavirus as well as those in confinement at home and businesses uncertain of their future and staff wellbeing. In this difficult time, we need to protect the disadvantaged, who are more vulnerable than ever. In particular, people with low qualifications, youth, long-term unemployed, those over 50 and members of disadvantaged minorities. We must also consider those otherwise socially marginalised, in particular women and migrants. The Work Integration Social Enterprises1 (WISEs) and their workers, especially the disadvantaged individuals, are deeply concerned by the current situation. We request, together with the aforementioned WISE’s representative networks, the following actions to be taken to alleviate the burden of the crisis on this already sensitive sector.

Firstly, we welcome the European Commission measures announced last week. However, we ask for the following actions to be taken into consideration:

  • Ensure that Member States give special attention to WISEs and their workers by supporting them and monitor this attention.
  • Ensure that the most vulnerable are directly concerned by the European Commission proposal for the Coronavirus Response Investment Initiative to facilitate the deployment of “the European Social Fund to temporarily support national short time working schemes which help cushion the impact of the shock”.
  • Develop a State Aid Framework Flexibility: allowing higher thresholds for the ‘disadvantaged workers and severely disadvantaged workers’ aids for employment and for the ‘de minimis’.
  • Develop a Fiscal Framework Flexibility for the suspension of payments of corporate and value added taxes and social contributions.

Download the publication here (PDF)

Download Commissioner Nicolas Schmit’s letter of response (PDF)

Download our follow-up letter sent on 16 October (PDF)

Picture credit © Absolutvision, Unsplash