RREUSE responds to a Roadmap, the Farm to Fork Initiative, a strategy for sustainable food

23rd March 2020 | Publications

RREUSE responded to a roadmap on the Farm to Fork strategy mapped out by the European Commission. The sustainable food strategy marked as crucial in achieving the goals of the European Green Deal and achieving a circular economy. With the review of the WFD comes opportunities to share best practices locally and internationally. For inspiration on what can be achieved, RREUSE highlights a few examples to encourage further collaboration amongst social enterprises, municipalities and businesses in the fight to reduce waste, including food waste.

Using RREUSE position paper on Food Waste, namely what Social Enterprises are doing to tackle the problem, RREUSE provided feedback to the Commission on the scale of the problem of food waste in Europe.

Download the full report here (PDF)

Picture credit © Alejandro Barren, Pexels