Re-use More Throw Less 2015 Campaign kicks off!

23rd November 2015 | News


The 6th edition of the Re-Use More, Throw Less campaign kicks off this week as part of the European Week for Waste Reduction. 64 re-use centres from 6 EU countries are taking part (Spain, Belgium, Romania, Slovenia, Ireland and France) will be reporting how many re-useable goods they collect and sell over a period of one week.

These are goods which otherwise would have been wasted. We shall be reporting on these figures daily.The campaign forms part of RREUSE’s call for the EU to include re-use targets in its revised package of waste legislation

The participating members are:
– Aeress (Spain)
– Ressources (Belgium)
– Envie (France)
– Eko TCE (Slovenia)
– Ateliere Fara Frontiere (Romania)

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