RREUSE joins the EU Commission in Call for Commitments for stakeholders in the textiles ecosystem

by | Oct 2, 2023 | Publications

RREUSE actively participated in the Textiles Ecosystem Transition Pathway’s co-creation process by attending relevant workshops and responding to the consultation on “Scenarios towards co-creation of a transition pathway for a more resilient, sustainable and digital textiles ecosystem”. In June 2023, the EU Commission launched a call for commitments as a first step of the co-implementation process.

As the international network of social enterprises active in repair, re-use and recycling, RREUSE represents unique and pivotal stakeholders for the implementation of a circular textile value chain. Therefore, RREUSE takes part in the first step of the co-implementation process by presenting concrete actions undertaken by the network with regard to:


  1. Promoting social enterprises’ textiles circular business model
  2. Reshaping consumption patterns towards repair and re-use habits
  3. Establishing a community of best practices for circular textiles
  4. Implementing the EU Strategy for Sustainable and Circular Textiles
  5. Implementing the Social Economy Action Plan in textile circular activities
  6. Promoting circular skills related to textiles
Picture credit: De Kringwinkel